"Easy to Learn Tutorial" on CD-ROM
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This educational product provides complete multimedia video training course in SolidWorks Parametric Modeling, and distributed in standard CD-ROM and DVD formats. The entire variety of lessons presented in this educational course is configured in the universal video formats and can be viewed on all MS Windows and MAC platforms.


Course Content :

Introduction. Basic design techniques
Coordinate system dimensioning
Exploring the Display controls
Parametric design capabilities
Creating multiple protrusions
Creating complex geometry parts
Creating simple extruded cuts
Creating complex blind cuts
Creating complex through cuts
Creating multiple-section views
Using a Hole Wizard feature
Exploring a Linear pattern feature
Exploring a Shell feature
Creating complex Shell operations
Creating simple revolved bodies
Creating complex-shaped revolved bodies
Examining a solid mirror feature
Exploring a 2-Dimensional fillet procedure
Creating multiple-edge solid fillets
Creating a variable-radius fillets
Using a face fillet procedure
Generating a full round procedure
Applying rounds to a more complex geometry
Creating solid chamfers
Exploring a Solid Draft feature
Changing individual surface colors
Exploring simple assembly techniques
Creating a more complex multi-part assembly
Creating 2-Dimensional standard and auxiliary views
Creating a fully dimensioned 2D drawing
Creating text and other annotations
Creating cross-hatched section view
Stress analysis procedures using Cosmos FEA tools

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$2.50 S/H in the USA





$2.50 S/H in the USA