Visual BASIC Tutorial Ver. 6.0
A Step-by-Step Video Training Series 
by Professor James A. Sinclair, Ph.D.

Price: $43.00 US

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Please note: the screen shots below were taken from the Full-Motion video lessons and may not appear as sharp as the actual videos

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Visual BASIC Tutorial

Visual BASIC Tutorial

Visual BASIC Tutorial

Visual BASIC Tutorial

Visual BASIC Tutorial

Visual BASIC Tutorial

Please note: the screen shots above were taken from the Full-Motion video lessons and may not appear as sharp as the actual videos

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About Visual Basic Tutorial

Visual Basic tutorial, through step-by-step, full screen video lessons written by recognized experts in their fields, can help you master the techniques you need to quickly become productive with the Visual Basic program.

ITTC’ Visual Basic tutorial represents a standard of excellence for the industry, individual learners, as well as students in all walks of life, and in the wide variety of professional fields and disciplines. At ITTC Publications we strongly encourage our customers and partners to use this courseware in their classrooms, as an effective and affordable learning tool. We offer a wide variety of training videos for all types of software. All of our courses and instructors are certified to ensure the highest quality training.

Visual Basic tutorial thoroughly examines object oriented programming and editing techniques, database design, and applications development in Visual Basic. You will find all of the essential material necessary to successfully create many MS Windows based programs applicable to any industry, and services.

Video-based Visual Basic Training on CD-ROM

Video instruction provides one of the most flexible and comfortable training experiences. You are able to work at your own pace, in your choice of area - work or home. The training is media-rich and engaging. We incorporated live video step-by-step instructions to give you an engaging learning experience. This is high-quality training at a very reasonable price. ITTC’s Visual Basic training tutorial capitalizes on the skills and knowledge of leading experts, providing real-world insight from recognized and certified professionals. 

Other educational video series by the same author are also available. (Autodesk Inventor, Pro Engineer, SolidWorks, UNIX, Autocad, Visual BASIC, and CNC Milling). For additional information about these products please enquire by
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Video Course Content:

  • Introduction, creating form screens

  • Menus, toolbox layout, captions

  • Changing form icons, running your programs

  • Saving forms and projects

  • Designing and using command buttons

  • Programming background colors

  • Creating text boxes, programming users text message

  • Using multi-line feature, fonts, text, colors

  • Starting new project, using labels

  • Creating simple engineering calculator program

  • Using images in your programs

  • Creating graphics image and designer buttons

  • Applying frames to enhance your programs

  • Using option (radio) button interface

  • Using check boxes. Programming If,

  • Then, End if codes

  • Using scroll bars in your programs

  • Using shapes and lines

  • Using timers to animate objects

  • Using Combo boxes in your programs

  • Applying list boxes

  • Creating finished executable program

  • Using additional active X controls and components

  • Using tabbed interface in your programs

  • Creating message and alert boxes, using Help

  • Working with multiple forms

  • Creating password protection form

  • Creating a counter for password entries

  • Correcting errors

  • Introduction to database creation

  • Connecting database to create finished program

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